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Entrepreneurs share insights on how to thrive in digitally driven business landscape

Digital entrepreneurs or businesses that have transformed digitally well before the pandemic had the biggest chances of surviving. This is just one of the things discussed during the launch of the book “The E-Hustle: What the Country’s Best Digital Leaders Can Teach You About Launching and Growing Your Online Business.”

The now-famous Kim Store has grown exponentially since the early days when people wanted to find the most affordably priced gadgets. Its CEO, Kim Lato said it is imperative to be discernable of not only business partners but also of the people crucial in running the businesses including logistics.

She said being meticulous with their credentials and foresight are important factors to look for when entrepreneurs want to take their businesses to the next level.

Book chronicles successful founders of Filipino startups
Embracing the disruptive forces in the new business landscape

Aspiring entrepreneurs can always start small and utilize platforms like Shopee, which provides micro-entrepreneurs the platform to jumpstart their businesses, according to Martin Yu, director of Shopee Philippines.

“There is no map to e-commerce, no guide that says ‘you are here’ and tells you how to go the distance,” said Kyle Nate, the production editor of “The E-Hustle.” “But there are principles, strategies, and tactics that cut across different contexts, and the leaders here share exactly those: You can apply what they learned often through trial-and-error to your own circumstances, fast tracking your personal growth, and in extension, that of your business.”

“The E-Hustle” aims to provide a playbook to these entrepreneurs to scale their businesses using technology and other digital tools: from website to payments to delivery services.

“Many Filipinos will be embarking into e-commerce for the first time, starting their business during the pandemic. This prospect can of course be intimidating. By learning about the success stories in The E-Hustle, I think they’ll be more inclined toward optimistic thinking when the going gets tough: If they can do it, I can, too,” said Ada Ortega, managing editor, “The E-Hustle.”