Epson introduces new hologram stickers to protect consumers vs fake inks

Epson Philippines, a manufacturer of compact and sustainable printers, warns the public to be cautious against fake inks which can damage printers.

To raise awareness and help combat the proliferation of fake inks, Epson Philippines has developed a new hologram sticker for its ink bottles that will help customers easily identify genuine inks from fake ones. The recently launched hologram stickers that are installed on the boxes of Epson genuine inks now come with more security features to indicate the authenticity of Epson products.

Customers purchasing Epson inks can now easily verify whether the product is genuine or not in just a few easy steps, made possible through the new hologram sticker’s temperature sensitivity and light source image features. Rubbing one section of the new sticker several times will show it is fading as the temperature rises due to the heat caused by friction. With the use of light, customers can make the word “Epson” appear on a different part of the new hologram sticker.

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Epson ink bottles affixed with the old hologram sticker, on the other hand, will still be available in the market until supplies are depleted.


By using Epson Genuine Inks, one can benefit from long-lasting quality prints.

Users can also save on repair costs by using only Epson Genuine Inks, since fake inks may cause irreversible damage to Epson printers in the long run.

On top of all these reasons, the printer’s warranty will become void if fake inks are used with it. Therefore, one will have to spend more if the printer needs to be fixed. In short, more will be lost when fake ink is purchased for the printer.

“Quality begets quality, and with genuine inks, users can enjoy prints of superior quality,” Eduardo Bonoan, GM of Marketing Division at Epson Philippines said. “Through our new hologram stickers, confirming the authenticity of your Epson inks secures optimum performance of your printers.”

As the battle against fake inks and imitation products only continues to rise, it is crucial for both manufacturers and consumers to stay alert. Don’t fall for fakes, protect your printer and choose Epson’s Genuine Inks.

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