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GigaLife App scales to record 10 million users

More than a year after its launch, Smart Communications Inc.’s (Smart) GigaLife App has reached 10 million users, driving data usage on Smart’s network through app-exclusive data offers that have also grown popular among customers.

More customers of Smart Communications Inc. (Smart) are using the GigaLife App to take advantage of its easy-to-use interface, as well as the exclusive data offers available only in the one-stop app, driving data usage growth. Data usage driven by the All-Data pack, which offers shareable data for all sites, has grown by nearly six times, while daily usage from the Unli 5G data pack has also tripled between March and September.

“These supercharged data offers, powered by the GigaLife App, await our new subscribers when they switch their old numbers to Smart,” said Jane Basas, SVP and head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart. “With MNP (mobile number portability), more mobile users can finally make the Smart move and experience the country’s fastest mobile data network without the hassles that go with changing one’s mobile number, such as having to import contacts and inform your circles, as well as relinking digital subscriptions and e-wallets,”

2 out of 3 MNP requests are for switching to Smart
Switch to Smart without changing your number through MNP

Basas added that the latest update now allows MNP via the GigaLife App.


To switch to the Smart network, a mobile user must first secure a Unique Subscriber Code from his or her originating provider to serve as clearance and bring it to the nearest Smart Store along with a valid ID and any proof of mobile ownership. From there, Smart shall begin processing the MNP application without any charges.