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Globe Business equips MSMEs with data privacy tools

Globe Business aims to lead the drive for awareness of data privacy and security among small and medium enterprises, offering knowledge and solutions to help them comply with data privacy laws and guard against data breaches that can result in losses to their business.

“The increasing reliance on technology puts the spotlight on the need for organizations to boost their defenses against data privacy threats to maintain their reputation, keep consumer trust, and ensure business continuity,” said Bradley Pineda, marketing manager for the finance industry, MSME group, Globe Business. “To do this, the bar must be raised for data privacy proficiency and Globe Business is here to provide affordable solutions to help businesses meet the standards set.”

Data Privacy Act of 2012

The Philippines’ Data Privacy Act of 2012 is legislation that was created to protect the fundamental human rights to privacy while ensuring the free flow of information to promote innovation and growth. It defines and regulates the way an enterprise protects data or information they have gathered, used, or stored.

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Imprisonment and hefty penalties ranging from P500,000 to P2 million are meted out to any entities who do not comply. Very soon, for violators belonging to the private sector, there will also be administrative fines ranging from 0.5% to 5% of the company’s annual gross revenue.

The amount will depend on the gravity of the infraction, the number of individuals affected, failure to notify the National Privacy Commission and affected data subjects of personal data breaches, as well as the intentional or negligent character of the offense, among other things.


One of the products that Globe Business offers MSMEs is the Automated Data Privacy Management Solution (ADPRIMAS). The product was developed to help address a company’s need to properly manage their data and to upskill their staff to proactively protect customer data.

With ADPRIMAS, organizations and businesses can get an affordable solution with subscription-based pricing that arms them with the right tools and training to protect themselves against data breaches, minimize negative impact to their business, and reinforce their compliance with the Data Privacy Act.

By design, ADPRIMAS provides automated assessments, online training courses which can be either self-paced or facilitator-assisted, and severity reports based on personnel competence which aid in the implementation of data privacy measures.

Businesses and organizations that tap ADPRIMAS will undergo an assessment of their information security competence, put their employees through regular training to advance that competence, and develop an eye for identifying personnel who can safely handle data and implement measures against data breaches.

“ADPRIMAS gives your company confidence and competence as we train up your workforce with the skills necessary to empower them to make informed decisions in terms of data collection and processing,” said Titus Manuel, Founding Chairman of the National Association of Data Protection Officers of the Philippines (NADPOP).