Duet AI on Google WorkspaceNews

Google integrates AI-powered collaborator into cloud, workspace 

Google Cloud and Google Workspace will now be equipped with Duet AI, an always-on artificial intelligence collaborator.

This move aims to assist the three billion users and 10 million paying customers of Google Workspace in tasks such as writing, spreadsheets, project management, note-taking for meetings, and creative visual designs.

Duet AI within Google Cloud is expanding its preview capabilities to optimize its performance, from software operations and data analysis to cybersecurity. Google Cloud has introduced features such as content refinement in Gmail and Google Docs, image creation, data insights with Google Sheets, and meaningful connections with Google Meet.

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 Among the suite of new features brought by Duet AI in Google Meet include capturing real-time notes, action items, and video snippets, and sending summary summaries to attendees with the new “take notes for me” feature. It also assists latecomers with a “summary so far” of everything they have missed and for users who cannot attend but have inputs to share, the “attend for me” feature allows Duet AI to join on their behalf to deliver their message and ensure that they get the recap.

Organizations can now get started with Duet AI in Google Workspace with a no-cost trial.

Duet AI on Google Cloud

For Google Cloud, developers can expect to leverage Duet AI in the software development lifecycle, reducing context switching, enhancing productivity, and assisting with code completion, generation, refactoring, and API building using natural language prompts.

Duet AI in BigQuery and Looker offers contextual assistance for SQL queries, Python code generation, and natural language explanations. It also enables conversational queries, allowing non-technical users to interact with business data.

Duet AI is also coming to security products, including Chronicle Security Operations, Mandiant Threat Intelligence, and Security Command Center, which can empower security professionals to more efficiently prevent threats, reduce toil in security workflows, and uplevel security talent.