Grab rolls out new app features to help partner drivers

Ride-hailing app Grab is introducing several new features designed to optimize partner-drivers’ time on the road and boost their earnings.

“Earning is one of the most important factors our driver-partners care about,” said Prashant Kumar, head of product fulfillment at Grab. “Drivers want to earn as much as they can whenever they are working on the platform.”

According to Grab, these enhancements are expected to increase drivers’ earnings by 10%.

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One of the most notable innovations is the Hotspot Navigation (along with Heatmap), currently undergoing pilot testing in Singapore. This tool employs real-time data to guide drivers to high-demand areas, boasting an impressive 85% success rate.

Maximizing downtime

Another valuable feature is the Zones feature, which enables drivers to focus on specific predefined locations for a minimum of five hours. By doing so, drivers can receive ride bookings exclusively from those areas, reducing travel time and potentially boosting their hourly earnings.

Grab is introducing back-to-back bookings, allowing drivers to minimize idle time between rides and keep the wheels turning.

For drivers seeking additional opportunities during ride downtimes, Grab continues to offer its Shared Fleet feature. This feature enables drivers to accept non-transport-related bookings, ensuring a steady stream of income even when ride requests are slow.