GrabNext Conference 2023News

Grab introduces new tech solutions to support business sustainability

Grab Philippines beefed up its tech solutions and merchant partnerships to enable more businesses to expand their reach and increase digital adoption.

At the GrabNext Conference 2023 held recently, the developer of a super-app for transportation, food delivery, and digital payments services introduced new digital consumer touchpoints which include the discoverability platform Find & Dine, digital marketing tool Marketing Manager, and and online-to-offline (O2O) solutions Scan-to-Order and Self Pick-Up.

“By continuously reinventing business models, tailoring innovative solutions, and introducing industry-leading tools, we help safeguard the scalability and sustainability of our merchants as they navigate an (online-to-offline) O2O environment,” said Anton Bautista, senior director for Deliveries of Grab Philippines.

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Tech solutions to boost online presence

Find & Dine is Grab’s dine-in discoverability platform that serves as a virtual guide for consumers exploring culinary offerings within their vicinity.  Users gain access to comprehensive restaurant profiles, complete with operating hours, menus, dine-in reviews, and contact details. In a strategic move set for the second half of 2023, Grab will introduce Dine-In Deals, enabling users to pre-purchase discounted deals for in-store dining. 

Scan-to-Order (STO) enhances the in-store dining experience as it enables dine-in consumers to scan menus, place orders, and make payments while seated conveniently at their favorite restaurants. This consumer experience can boost the merchants’ front-of-house efficiency by 15%. 

Creating ad campaigns

Self Pick-Up (SPU) allows users to remotely place orders and make payments, skipping queues for a hassle-free to-go experience. Notably, SPU orders doubled in Q4 2022 compared to Q1 of the same year, showcasing its growing popularity among users. 

Marketing Manager is a desktop-enabled feature accessible through the GrabMerchant portal. With the Marketing Manager, merchants are given control and access to different capabilities in amplifying their online presence. One feature of the Marketing Manager is it can create a single ad campaign that reaches all store locations, streamlining marketing efforts and maximizing reach. Grab also integrated a Forecasting widget within the Marketing Manager. This real-time tool enables merchants to visualize the potential outcomes of their ad campaigns based on selected audiences and allocated budgets.