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Mototaxi MOVE IT beefs up features of upgraded app

After Grab’s acquisition last year, motor taxi services MOVE IT has upgraded its app and beefed its up security features. 

At the launch event Tuesday, Wayne Jacinto, general manager of MOVE IT, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing additional options to commuters in Metro Manila and soon in provinces and other areas in the Philippines.

The refreshed app promises to deliver safety, reliability, and user experience, according to Samir Kumar, head of Mobility at Grab. 

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“Through our enhanced app, our rider-partners will benefit from improved efficiency, enabling them to earn more, while our passengers will enjoy a user-friendly and more intuitive interface, ensuring seamless and convenient MC Taxi experiences,” Jacinto said.

GrabMaps and Navigation technology

At last count, Jacinto said MOVE IT has about 6,500 riders and “hundreds of thousands” of users (or app downloads). He is optimistic that by the end of the year, the company will have 15,000 partner riders and it targets to reach 1 million users.

The motorcycle taxi aims for a 99.95% uptime supported by one of its services called “back to back” wherein while still in transit to transport the current commuter, a driver can already accept another booking.

“As the technology provider, Grab integrated GrabMaps and Navigation, an advanced online mapping system powered by Grab’s extensive data,” explained Kumar. 

Upgraded app features

With an emphasis on safety and security, MOVE IT offers app users with in-app VOIP calling feature that ensures privacy and convenience, eliminating the need for third-party communication apps. It also has Share-My-Ride feature so users can allow family or friends to track their location while in transit. The 24/7 Safety Center provides round-the-clock emergency assistance, offering peace of mind to all users.

MOVE IT will soon be incorporating other payment options such as e-wallets and other forms of cashless payments.

For commuters who would be unable to use the app, MOVE IT has booths that will book a ride for the commuters.

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