Mag-Ingat by Google and Ben&Ben

Google teams up with Ben&Ben to promote internet safety via music video

On Safer Internet Day 2022, Google, together with Filipino band Ben&Ben, introduced a new song to promote internet safety and digital responsibility. Titled “Mag-Ingat (Be Safe Online),” the song is part of Google’s commitment to helping Filipinos use the internet safely and responsibly.

“Beyond tools, products, and policies that enable us to help people stay safe online, we deepen our local partnerships to promote digital responsibility,” said Mervin Wenke, head of Communications and Public Affairs, Google Philippines. “By partnering with Ben&Ben and through their music, we believe that we can teach internet safety to more people in a way that deeply resonates with and becomes part of their everyday lives.”

The two-and-a-half-minute Filipino song addresses online threats today including scams, misinformation, and catfishing, and the importance of critical thinking and verifying information using trusted sources to protect oneself and others. It also reminds netizens to be wary of bad actors who lurk in the online space, just like in the real world.

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This newest single from the young band ends strongly with a bridge conveying that online safety is a shared responsibility — people are all stewards of the digital world. It’s all in the hands of netizens to use the internet right and care for the online safety of one another.

Digitally social

The catchy and lively tune was written and performed by Ben&Ben. The award-winning nine-piece act is known for mixing Filipino folk music with pop to create songs about hope, love, and positivity.

“Filipinos are highly social people and most of us interact with one another digitally,” aid Miguel Benjamin of Ben&Ben. “In such a world, it’s no wonder that while the internet brings so many advantages, it also opens us up to many dangers if we are not careful enough. With ‘Mag-ingat,’ we wanted to use our music to spread awareness on such a timely and important issue–because all of us are responsible for making sure that the internet is a safe and positive space for everyone,” s

Google’s holistic approach to digital responsibility is helping millions of people to stay safe in the online space. Aside from security measures including the two-step verification process, and security and password checkups, it also introduced programs such as Be Internet Awesome with the Department of Education, and supported NGO campaigns like the Cyberpeace initiative of Teach Peace Build Peace Movement.

The “Mag-ingat” music video is already available on Ben&Ben’s official YouTube channel. “Mag-ingat” is also available on all digital music services worldwide.