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Home Credit Int’l launches EmbedIT in PH

To help strengthen its position in the financial technology space and expand solutions and opportunities for consumers and partners, Home Credit International (HCI) launches EmbedIT Philippines Inc. (EITPH).

EmbedIT is the IT service entity owned by HCI that was founded in the Czech Republic and began its operations in the Philippines early this year, promising to offer innovative solutions and technological developments for Home Credit.

“As Home Credit aims to lead in innovative financial products and services, there is a need to establish IT hubs across our strategic markets to accelerate our technology offerings. The establishment of EITPH is poised to be a game changer,” said Susan Ong, president, EITPH. β€œIt will help us deliver new intellectual properties that will serve not just the Philippine market but the entire Home Credit group. Also, this will allow Home Credit to take advantage of the rapidly changing technology landscape and translate those changes into meaningful consumer propositions.”

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Currently, EmbedIT is focusing on co-developing Home Credit’s Global Mobile App as a part of its strategic goals. This will be the primary ecosystem to serve consumers to create organized transactions and uphold a better user experience across different countries.

Aside from the Philippines, EmbedIT is also operating in India, Indonesia, and Vietnam with the same goal to put the business of Home Credit into motion.


As part of Home Credit’s mission to provide the best financial services, EmbedIT provides the technology platform to deliver expansive IT services such as (artificial intelligence) AI-based identity verification, big data-based risk management, digital loan origination, virtual revolving and credit card management, and best in class servicing, all delivered in an omnichannel platform centered around the customers.

EITPH is a gateway towards developing the local IT sector, showcasing potential global exposure, hands-on experience with new platforms, technology, tools, and ways of working to kick-start many IT professionals’ career opportunities.

“Our EmbedIT group will allow the Philippine IT sector to develop and perform a wide range of services for consumers and businesses. This can revolutionize Home Credit’s digital efforts and open up more opportunities for our local IT organizations, creating the most practical business solutions and generating employment opportunities for many,” Ong said.

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