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Homeqube platform leverages AI, blockchain in designing homes

Homeqube, an AI-powered homebuilding platform that utilizes blockchain technology, has been developed to expedite property development while addressing prevalent construction issues.

“Homeqube is designed to solve persistent problems within the industry, such as long lead times, staggering inefficiencies in the design process, the overreliance on human labor, unsustainable raw materials, and not to mention the huge gap between e-commerce and the sector,” said Jose Paolo Calma, former CEO of  Multi-Development and Construction Corp. (MDCC), who now helms Homeqube.

Calma, who hails from a family of architects and contractors, has an extensive background in the industry, providing him with firsthand insights into its challenges. He established a decentralized online platform to democratize homebuilding accessibility.

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AI-powered homebuilding platform

The blockchain and AI-powered homebuilding platform features user-centric controls or “knobs,” which are rooted in a deconstruction philosophy. This approach enables the creation of various design combinations using fundamental system components. By manipulating these knobs, users can explore metrics related to cost, lifestyle, and mobility, facilitating informed decisions regarding home design and construction.

Other key features include optical character recognition (OCR) for automatic lot area plotting, agile design, and auto-generation of essential documents before move-in.

Jose Paolo Calma, CEO of Homeqube.

Through the utilization of the platform’s designated QUBE token and a gamification strategy, users can earn tokens each time their designed components and structures gain recognition and approval within the Homeqube system. They can participate in design-based gaming challenges and eventually market their designs as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) after attaining community membership.

NFT marketplace

The platform features a Solana-based launchpad and NFT marketplace, catering to diverse homebuilding requisites, including home designs, home system algorithms, decor, furniture, fixtures, prototypes, and augmented reality (AR) enhancements. It represents the pioneering NFT marketplace that accommodates a broad spectrum of 3D printing files, encompassing parametric data and generative art.

According to Calma, the platform functions as a central hub for industry professionals, spanning manufacturers, engineers, interior designers, and plumbers. They can enhance their practices or embark on entrepreneurial journeys through this platform.

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