HP Sustainable Impact Report 2022CSR

HP highlights progress in company’s green efforts

Based on the data from 2021 HP Sustainable Impact Report, there is an increasing number of consumers who make buying decisions based on the company’s corporate responsibility efforts. HP attributed $3.5 billion in new sales to their sustainability practices, a three-fold increase over 2020.

“Through HP’s Sustainable Impact strategy, we are committed to helping solve the enormous global challenges before us,” said Christian Reyes, managing director of HP Philippines. “We take part in the global initiative of launching products with eco-conscious designs, made from ocean-bound plastics. We will also continue these efforts to strengthen the communities we operate in while driving innovation and growth in our business, creating a better future for all.”

HP reduced single-use plastic packaging by 44% in 2021 vs 2018. in its quest to enable better learning outcomes, HP reported an increase to 74.3 million toward its goal of 100 million students and adult learners that have benefited from the brand’s education programs and solutions.

HP strengthens partnership program with HP Amplify Impact, local initiatives
HP expands ‘Amplify Impact’ program to more than 40 countries

The report identifies areas where HP seeks to improve, with the intention to move its sustainability efforts quicker, especially on climate action, considering the high stakes of climate change.

Last year, HP committed to a new goal of accelerating digital equity for 150 million people by 2030. After the first year, they’ve already reached 4.2 million people. The company has recently announced the first cohort of nonprofits to expand access to digital equity to women, marginalized communities, people with disabilities, educators, and practitioners. In the Philippines, HP continues its partnership with Childhope Philippines and Atayde Foundation, providing monetary or volunteer support, and resources aimed at educating young children. They also have HP Printables, which offers free worksheets across the country; and HP LIFE, a global skill-training program which provides free access to IT and business training courses to people all over the world.

Climate Crisis

Product and packaging circularity: HP pledged to reach 75% circularity for products and packaging by 2030. This means that 75% of its total annual product and packaging content, by weight, will come from recycled and renewable materials and reused products and parts. The company has already reached 39% circular by weight in 2021.

Journey to net zero: HP aims to accelerate efforts to reduce 50% greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 and to achieve net zero GHG by 2040. In 2021, HP reduced product-use emissions intensity by 39% compared to 2015, exceeding its goal of a 30% reduction by 2025.

Forest restoration and conservation: HP has committed to going beyond their own footprint by counteracting possible deforestation for non-HP paper used in our products and print services by 2030. One of HP’s strategies involves an expanded partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to address the potential impacts on forests from printing with HP printers. In 2021, HP addressed 23% of its total fiber footprint for paper used in its products and print services. HP’s programs counteracted deforestation for non-HP paper representing 19% of this footprint.

Human Rights

Gender equality: HP is the first Fortune 100 tech company to commit to achieving 50/50 gender equality in leadership by 2030. In 2021, women represented 32.5% of director-level and above positions globally. Women also represented 22.7% of technical and engineering roles at HP, on track to go beyond 30% by 2030. HP Philippines boosts female leadership through its Women’s Impact Network (WIN PH), a Business Impact Network for women and male allies.

Workplace empowerment: HP Philippines recently placed 5th on Great Place to Work’s 2022 list of best medium business workplaces.

Culture of inclusion: This year, HP Philippines launched Next Generation Business Impact Network Philippines (NextGen PH), an employee network that supports HP’s Diversity, Equity and inclusion strategy by advancing professional skills, driving generational inclusion, and building connections.