Salarium Facepass

HR startup Salarium launches ‘FacePass’ to prevent workplace-related COVID-19 infections

To help local businesses protect their workforce against the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 in offices, Salarium, a company that offers technological HR solutions, is launching FacePass, a contactless time and attendance solution. 

Since the Philippine government has relaxed its lockdown measures with plans of full business operations in the coming months, companies are urged to take precautionary measures to keep employees safe.

“FacePass offers more than just facial recognition timekeeping,” said Judah Hirsch. “It combines convenience and efficiency in enforcing safety entry protocols with its facemask detection and body temperature scanning.” 

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FacePass comes with a device, S.A.F.E Tech (Secured Attendance & Face-Enabled Technology), that can require employees to wear a facemask and have a normal body temperature before accepting their clock-ins. It can accurately recognize an employee in seconds even with their face masks and face shields on. In addition, it alarms when someone exceeds the normal body temperature.

HR information system

Salarium is a human resource information system (HRIS), time, and payroll system bundled together with a financial solution for employees helping them save and track their salaries. The platform provides HRIS to businesses to manage their business and financial solution to employees to handle their financial needs. Salarium does this by essentially giving its platform away for free and only charging for the financial services on the platform.
 FacePass is integrated into Salarium’s timekeeping system, enabling HR staff to create, track, and manage shifts and schedules, manage overtime, undertime, and leave, and complete attendance reports instantly. It also includes an Employee Self Service (ESS), which allows employees to access their records.
Hirsch said that Salarium currently has a value offering to its clients for this touchless solution. For every company with more than 200 employees that will avail FacePass, they will be provided one Free S.A.F.E. Tech device.