IBM offers to work with medical community to speed up research on COVID-19 treatment

The effect of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has gone beyond health and medical issues. Annual trade shows and global industry gatherings have been canceled and the quadrennial sports event the Olympics scheduled to be held in Tokyo is in danger of being canceled, too, as precautionary measures.

Health experts and governments have been exhausting all efforts on how to stop the spread of coronavirus while billionaires have pledged an enormous amount of funds to support them.

For its part, multinational technology company IBM steps in to assist in accelerating research and development to find treatment by leveraging the IBM Clinical Development (ICD).

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IBM is providing the ICD system free of charge to eligible applicable novel coronavirus-related clinical trials in China. In this way, all the needed data essential for the research are easily accessible.

The company is also providing commercially reasonable technology, again free of charge, to support database construction and basic training for the use of ICD.

Free of charge services

“IBM is dedicated to working with pharmaceutical R&D partners to leverage its medical technology to provide relevant coordinated research and analysis on ICD for novel coronavirus clinical trials to help overcome challenges together,” the company said in a statement. “At the same time, IBM salutes all the medical staff who are fighting on the front line and pays tribute to the scientific researchers who are leading the charge of pharmaceutical research and development.”

The above-mentioned free of charge services and ICD will be provided according to an agreement provided by IBM. IBM reserves all rights to determine eligibility criteria for this free of charge program. For detailed eligibility requirements, contact icdhelp@us.ibm.com

SaaS-based data capture

ICD is a unified SaaS-based data capture solution, designed to provide end-to-end visibility as well as patient, site, and clinical trial management capabilities. ICD is designed to reduce the time and cost of clinical trials by centralizing and organizing clinical trial details, providing 24/7 access to clinical trial data via a single URL from any web-enabled device, and providing a flexible and scalable data management platform to help design and manage clinical trials by incorporating optional clinical trial-specific features and services.

IBM encourages hospitals, sponsors, CROs and research and development institutions that are researching novel coronavirus drugs and conducting related clinical trials are welcome to contact IBM. IBM said in its media advisory that its health experts are available to discuss steps in the context of the global health emergency.

Life Sciences subscribers have been leveraging ICD to support their clinical development for the past seven years.

IBM, like the rest of the world, wants to find the treatment for the virus that has claimed lives from all over the world. The technology company believes that speeding up the research will allow health and medical experts to come up with a way or ways to prevent it from becoming a global epidemic.

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