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IBPAP, StackTrek team up to train more IT talents

The IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) teamed up with StackTrek, artificial intelligence (AI) and programming training solutions provider, for the National IT Talent Development initiative.

National IT Talent Development, which is aligned with the vision of the Philippine IT-BPM Industry Roadmap 2028 to create 1.1 million new jobs by 2028, aims to provide more and better opportunities for Filipino talent in the IT-BPM sector.

The National IT Talent Development will focus on embedding training for industry-relevant skills into the curriculum and internship programs of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

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“In what could be an AI-driven economy, proactive collaboration is crucial to empower the Filipino talent, enabling them to flourish in roles that involve higher-value work,” said Jack Madrid, president and CEO, IBPAP. “Through partnerships with both the public and private sectors — and a steadfast commitment to continuous upskilling and reskilling — the Philippine IT-BPM industry will remain highly sought-after and globally competitive.”

Focus on artificial intelligence (AI)

The IT career initiatives the two organizations will be launching have three components:

  1. AI & Programming Academy: Offers tailored learning programs and a cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) to empower businesses to thrive in the digital age. It delivers comprehensive training solutions in programming and AI, enabling companies to prepare for an AI-powered future.
  2. StackLab: Specializes in establishing AI Research and Development (R&D) units and delivering AI software applications to clients. Through StackLab, businesses can benefit from comprehensive training and continuous skills development to create dedicated AI R&D units customized to their needs.
  3. AI Executive Education Program: Empowers leaders to remain at the forefront of AI developments and leverage the technology to drive growth and innovation within their organizations. It features intensive learning and consulting sessions led by expert trainers. It offers a unique opportunity for participants to share experiences, and challenges, and receive personalized guidance and feedback from the trainers.

“The partnership between StackTrek and IBPAP represents a groundbreaking collaboration that will help the Philippine IT-BPM industry seize the tremendous economic opportunity presented by AI,” said Bill Yuen, CEO at StackTrek. “We believe that with our combined expertise, resources, and vision, we can empower individuals and organizations to embrace AI, redefine business landscapes, and drive the industry forward.”

The National IT Talent Development partnership demonstrates the shared commitment of IBPAP and StackTrek to fuel the development of the Philippines’ digital workforce. By leveraging advanced training solutions and capitalizing on the vast opportunities presented by AI, this collaboration is set to transform the IT-BPM industry and secure the country’s position as a global leader in the digital economy.