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Investree Philippines’ campaign to provide SMEs access to funding

Investree Philippines, a crowdfunding platform, launched the “SME: The Heart of Investree” campaign, which aims to improve the accessibility and affordability of working capital for small and medium businesses in the country.

Investree Philippines is a joint venture of F(DEV) Digital Innovations and Ventures, Inc. and Investree Singapore Pte Ltd. and was launched amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quoting a 2021 survey by the World Bank with the Department of Finance (DoF) and the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), Investree Philippines said 54% of local firms consider lack of financial means to be their top concern in adopting technology. 

Investree Philippines expands funding services to Visayas, Mindanao
Investree Philippines bolsters financial inclusion efforts with partnerships


A nationwide roadshow by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) started earlier this year highlighted crowdfunding as an easy and convenient way for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and start-ups to raise capital for their businesses.

“We understand the needs of our SMEs, and we will continue to serve these needs to help them grow their businesses,” said Alexander Capulong, country manager of Investree Philippines. “We recognize SMEs and investors as a big part of our milestones.” 

The company seeks to reach more SMEs across the country and empower them through more accessible financial resources. The campaign hopes to work much more closely with SMEs to promote financial inclusion and literacy, making a long-lasting impact on SMEs and contributing to growing the Philippine economy.

The company recently brought on board its first qualified individual investor and is looking to partner with more collaborators to carry out its 2023 vision. This is along with its efforts to optimize onboarding processes and closely nurture working relationships with stakeholders.