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IT, telco industries offer pay increases in 2021 — JobStreet

Jobseekers in the computer/IT and telecommunications (both at 48%) are among the industries that offered higher compensation in 2021, according to JobStreet’s 2021 Salary Report. The other top industries include education (67%), public service (64%), social services (52%), and electrical/electronics (50%).

Rounding up the list are marketing/advertising (48%), healthcare (48%), construction and building (47%), and communication Service (46%).

The said report compared salary data from JobStreet’s pool of employers between the first and third quarter of 2021 vs 2020 of the same period and was conducted in six countries in Asia, including the Philippines.

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At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic which forced many companies to shut down, the unemployment rate stood at 7.7% (June) and in 2021, it was at 6.9%, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority.

“The report aimed to provide candidates with information and insights to manage their salary expectations and to help improve their career planning, while also assisting employers in making strategic hiring offers and decisions,” said Philip Gioca, country manager, JobStreet Philippines.

The report also found that the average salary growth of 22.9%, which JobStreet said is an indication that the country is inching its way to recovery.

IT/BPO industry

As companies underwent digitalization, jobseekers with digital or IT skills have become more in-demand than before. The report say that in terms of job specialization, jobseekers specializing in education/training (65%), computer/IT (50%), administration and human resources (54%), healthcare (57%), and manufacturing (49%) are now offered with higher salaries due to the need for quality candidates who are digitally savvy, could keep the company operations going, and are experts in medical fields amidst the pandemic.

“The pandemic has had a huge impact in the labor market in the past couple of years. This also made the competition for quality talents steep among hirers, causing employers to make adjustments to their offerings, policies, and work environment,” Gioca said.

The call center or BPO industry may have brought the most jobs in the market with bigger offers, but not all companies were significantly affected by the effects of the pandemic. As a result, 41% of job ads posted are with lower rates than 2020.

Growth in salary is also seen in provinces with rising economic activity and those in proximity to NCR.​ Among the top provinces are Angeles City, Iloilo City, Calamba City, Bulacan, and Cavite. Salary increases were also observed in Palawan, General Santos City, Batangas, Cebu City, and Baguio City.

JobStreet recorded more than 105 million job searches in 2021 and over 75,000 job vacancies offered through the platform daily at any given time.