Media Release

Job seekers can now apply at Sykes’ online recruitment platform, Facebook page

In compliance with physical distancing protocols, Sykes Philippines (Sykes) encourages candidates to apply for jobs using its newly designed online recruitment platform. e-Recruitment provides fast and convenient end-to-end virtual recruitment from initial interview all the way to the signing of the job contract.

“We need to adapt and evolve to deliver solutions for the needs of our clients and continuously provide career opportunities to Filipinos, which is why we make it easier for them to apply for online jobs from their homes,” said Cherry Wong, SVP for Area Operations, Sykes Philippines. “With the amplification of virtual recruitment and deployment of work-at-home set-up, Sykes is able to provide solutions to its clients and ensure the safety and convenience of all applicants and new employees.”

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For an application to be considered, prior BPO (business process outsourcing) or any work experience is not mandatory, but the applicant must at least be a high school graduate or have completed K-12. Good English communication and basic internet and computer navigation skills are also a must. The BPO company also gives free English training through its “Sykes Academy” program for those who wish to join the BPO industry and improve their communication skills.

Applying on Facebook 

Sykes offers a temporary WFH arrangement for select accounts. At present, part of Sykes’ workforce still reports on-site while many have adopted a WFH scheme as a safety precaution.

Applicants can apply from their homes by simply sending a private message to Sykes Philippines’ official Facebook page with their name and contact details. They may also check career opportunities on the website or other online job portals like Indeed, Jobstreet, Monster, and LinkedIn.

The average turnaround time for applications is around two to four hours, wherein qualified applicants are interviewed by phone or video from initial to final screening.