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JobStreet unveils in-app learning platform, seekMAX

JobStreet by SEEK, a recruitment and job-seeking platform, has launched its newest offering: seekMAX, an in-app learning content platform dedicated to helping professionals hone their skills and advance in their careers.

Through seekMAX, Filipino candidates can explore over a thousand bite-sized video content free to access anytime, anywhere via the JobStreet mobile app.

According to the recent “Decoding the Digital Talent Challenge” report by JobStreet, 75% of Filipinos willing to retrain professionally prefer self-study, while 65% use digital learning platforms. 

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“We want to help talents become more well-rounded because, at JobStreet, we strongly advocate for training and continuous learning,” said Peter Bithos, CEO, SEEK Asia. “This guarantees our partner hirers a high-quality pool of candidates that can potentially become a part of their organization.” 

Learning platform features

Bithos noted that with this latest innovation, talents can rely on JobStreet’s talent market expertise to continuously provide exclusive and valuable career resources for ever-growing professionals like them.

Initially launched in Indonesia in 2022, seekMAX successfully reached over 2.5 million users, who have consumed 6.5 million minutes of content on the platform. The most popular content categories are job search advice, career advice, salary advice, and self-development. As for the most-watched series by far, seekMAX’s original series “Salary Squad” remains on the list.

In collaboration with companies, local industry experts, and international media like Bloomberg, Microsoft, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Complexly, Tech in Asia, SDG Academy, Open Academy, and Deutsche Welle, among others, job seekers gain access to quality and engaging videos that feature industry-specific topics, soft skills, leadership tips, and various career-related advice. Candidates can also get first dibs on salary negotiation tips from seekMAX’s original series “Salary Squad.”