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Lenovo beefs up WFH management offerings with VST-ECS and FileWave partnership

Technology company Lenovo recently signed an agreement with ICT (information and communications technology) distributor VST-ECS and MDM (mobile device management) software company FileWave to drive digital transformation among local organizations and help upgrade their work-from-home teams.

The partnership offers organizations with work-from-home teams an all-in-one solution that can come with commercial Lenovo devices upon the configure-to-order system to help them speed up and simplify mobile management.

As the BYOD (bring your own device) and CYOD (choose your own device) work models began to be a norm, device management became more complicated for organizations as employees preferred working using varying operating systems. An all-in-one unified endpoint management (UEM) software, FileWave serves companies with differentiated device lifecycle management, equipping them with mobility and flexibility in order to constantly adapt and evolve within the ever-changing landscape of the business.

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“We see device management as essential for every business, but it was the pandemic that amplified that need for our clients,” said Charles Springgay, VP, FileWave Asia-Pacific and Japan. “As the need for personal devices to integrate into companies’ networks hastened, organizations were managing an increasingly diverse IT landscape. It used to be a logistical IT nightmare. However, with a universal device management tool, device onboarding and deployment become seamless, making us the solution that grows with these organizations..”

Through its streamlined approach to device management, FileWave brings all major operating systems into an easy-to-use console and allows organizations to manage company devices from one intuitive and highly customizable interface. The software offers unique features including inventory management that allows IT teams to see everything that’s connected to their network, device tracking and location tools to find and recover stolen devices, self-healing capabilities that reduce the risk of privacy breaches through automatic pushing of necessary security patches, and even a self-service kiosk that allows end-users to install pre-approved apps and software to avoid technical complications. FileWave’s entire suite of remote-enabled tools ensures that companies create a frictionless work environment while running businesses as smoothly as usual, despite having to work remotely.

FileWave empowers businesses as it meets their management needs while granting individual users with a reduced time needed to get accustomed to its system. Lenovo’s commercial devices like the ThinkPad and ThinkBook lines may be easily configured to work with the FileWave software and reap its benefits, enabling companies to maintain every device proactively and automatically throughout the entire organization in an easy and secure way.

The collaboration of Lenovo, VST-ECS, and FileWave not only supports organizations during the crisis but also further equips them to keep pace with global digitalization.