Live streaming platform 17LIVE expands in SEA

Live streaming platform 17LIVE expands in Southeast Asia

17LIVE Inc, the operator of the live streaming platform 17LIVE in Asia, is expanding its services in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines through its wholly-owned business unit.

17LIVE sees a lot of potential in the Southeast Asian market because of its multicultural and diverse audience.

“We have seen tremendous growth opportunities in these markets even before our expansion into the scene,” the company said. “We believe that these are good opportunities for us to be one of the leading live streaming platforms among audiences in the region.”

Employing the 17LIVE “Glocal” + Global strategy, the company is focussing its global expansion by leveraging its “strengths to provide tools and resources for LIVERS to curate content and showcase it to the world.” The streaming platform has six subsidiaries around the world that provide multicultural content to local markets especially for the Chinese and English-speaking audience.

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17Live hosts varied types of content from entertainment to educational and more. It hopes to encourage more content creators (or LIVERS) by enhancing its community features which include Guardian/ARMY/Crew/League to promote social interactions among LIVERS and the audience. It hopes to be more interactive compared to other platforms.

Empowering music talents

“We play a role in nurturing LIVERS to tap into the 17LIVE features and help them to gain a wide following,” the company said. “Our strategic focus is to empower music talents through a wide spectrum of courses and mentorship programs to further enhance their singing capabilities. We have a partnership with Warner Music Taiwan who will bring in additional resources to complement the programme and equip Music LIVERS with the professional skillsets for better performances, at the same time enrich, enhance, and elevate our local audience’s experience.”

Each country in Southeast Asia will have their own curated contents to reach out to their users. There will also possibly be some introduction of large-scale domestic events where 17LIVE elevates the experience of large-scale events to enjoy “music” mainly through live distribution with top artists from Japan and overseas.

In addition, many exciting programs will be held in different countries globally, to deepen exchanges with people around the world through 17LIVE.

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