What Gen Zs talk about on Twitter

Twitter provides a platform to voice out their opinion or share even their most personal thoughts, Generation Z (or Gen Z, people born from 1995 to 2010) has allowed the world to peek into their innermost thoughts.

Based on Twitter’s data, 61% of the Gen Z audience on the platform use it on a daily basis. The youth communicate not only with their circle of friends but also with strangers or connections they haven’t met in person.

“There’s no better way to understand the Gen Z mindset than to delve into their world on Twitter,” said Chandan Deep, head of Emerging Business, Southeast Asia at Twitter. “As a go-to place for #WhatsHappening and various communities, Twitter allows Gen Zs to freely express themselves, connect with communities, and at the same time, empower them to pursue and champion their values, interests, and passions.”

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The Gen Z audience is all about exploration and being in the know of #WhatsHappening in the world around them — from news, pop culture, to Internet trends — as well as to connect with the communities and interest groups that matter to them. On Twitter, they keep up with culture and find inspiration for things such as places to visit or items to buy. Because of their thirst for discovery, Gen Zs on Twitter is well informed with 50% of them read news stories to stay on top of news and current events.

Gaming and tech

Gen Zs have enthusiasm for new experiences and connections. This can be seen in how their passions further drive the conversation on Twitter. Among their passion points: the highest is gaming and tech (63%), food and beauty (61%), and music (60%), showcasing the expansive interest and knowledge of this audience. They’re the ones starting the trends and keeping the memes flowing.

Gen Zs also appreciate brands that fuel and empower their passions. Filipino Gen Zs shared that they mentioned brands that provided authentic experiences and foster connections with communities that share common interests and passions.

“Gen Zs have always been active on Twitter, but there are still plenty of things to learn and discover about them because their interests are so diverse,” said Deep. “We see a trend wherein Gen Zs rule conversations and are active in engaging with brands especially if it gravitates towards the things that matter to them.”

Freedom of expression

With their openness to just about anything under the sun, it’s no surprise that Gen Zs on Twitter accept diverse points of view, especially on social issues with 81% of Gen Zs describe themselves as open-minded. Freedom of expression is essential to them. This results in their openness and optimism towards learning and understanding different points of view such as tackling mental health, gender identity, sexuality, equality, self-expression, youth, and climate change.

Gen Zs know they have each other’s backs, so they leverage the communities they have fostered and use the power of the crowd to seek help or implement change in times of need.

Gen Zs are always ready to engage. They love social media, but what has become clearer is that they don’t use all social media platforms in the same way. On Twitter, this group is highly receptive to buying brands they have seen advertised (+60%) and to be the first to try new things (+43%).

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