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Ninja Van Philippines navigates new workplace trends

According to studies presented at Ninja Van’s “Hybrid Hustle: Redefining the New Normal” webinar, there are mixed reactions to the idea of a hybrid and flexible work setup.

Citing a Lenovo global study, Charisma Satumba, executive director for the Institute of Labor Studies of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said, employee attitudes toward work from home in China, Japan, Germany, Italy, and the United States found that the majority of employees or around 87% felt at least somewhat ready to make the shift to work from home when required.

Satumba noted that DOLE has been “supportive” of flexible work arrangements since 2004 when the labor department issued guidelines on compressed workweek adoption and flexible work arrangements. In 2019, DOLE issued the implementing rules and regulations to the Telecommuting Act.

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Satumba underscored that agile work arrangements are crucial to navigating the post-pandemic landscape.

Philip Gioca, Country Manager, Jobstreet by Seek Philippines, quoted the company’s own research on the need for employers to promote inclusivity. He noted that more than half of the jobseekers in the Philippines would not work for employers whose morals and convictions are not aligned with theirs.


“Employers must continue to reevaluate their structures and ensure support for flexible work arrangements,” he said.

Upskilling employees is one way to retain talents, according to Atul Harkisanka, regional sales head, LinkedIn Emerging Markets. By encouraging learning, the workplace will create a healthy work culture for employees. This will enable managers to easily make “flexible” decisions.

Ninja Van immediately responded to the new face of the working environment, which is hybrid, not only by redesigning its offices but also by creating a culture of collaboration, openness, and inclusivity. A pet-friendly workplace but after-office beer-on-tap, as well as town hall sessions are among the changes the company introduced as the government eased mobility restrictions caused by the pandemic.

“Our mission to make hassle-free deliveries possible rests on the hard work, skills, and passion of our people – and we continuously hustle to ensure that our employees grow and maximize their full potential,” said Sabina Lopez-Vergara, chief commercial officer, Ninja Van Philippines.

Ninja Van has implemented a full hybrid setup for its corporate office. Those in the support and commercial groups, such as sales, marketing, finance, and administration, only report to work physically on an as-needed basis, aligned with their respective teams’ schedules and priorities.

According to Ninja Van, it will continue to build its workforce in support of its goals amid the pandemic.