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PhilTower announces completion of 200 cell site towers

Phil-Tower Consortium Inc. (PhilTower), a digital shared infrastructure provider, announced the completion of its 200th site with the last 100 sites completed in just over a month. A large number of these sites are co-location sites hosting equipment of multiple mobile operators.

With the Common Tower Policy, passive infrastructure like cell site towers can host equipment by different operators, minimizing their CAPEX, allowing them to rapidly roll out their networks, and making their services available to more people faster. In addition, shared infrastructure will minimize the unsightly clutter of towers that currently dominate the country’s landscape.

“PhilTower remains committed to the government’s vision of rolling out a world-class digital infrastructure nationwide in the most efficient and cost-effective manner,” said Devid Gubiani, president, PhilTower, in a media release. “We are thankful to the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA), as well as the various local government units (LGU) for making this momentous event a reality. It shows we can accomplish a lot together when we are all bound by a common vision for the good of the country.”

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PhilTower has built towers across North and South Luzon, and more notably in the NCR/Rizal regions. These tower solutions range from 30 to 50-meter ground-based towers, Rooftop solutions, as well as a number of Street Furniture microcell poles/Smart Poles which are the preferred option in villages and subdivisions as they blend well with the surroundings and require very small footprint compared to taller structures.

“We look forward to hosting mobile operators Smart, Globe, and Dito on our sites, and even other broadband providers who need to build their networks faster and more economically,” said Peter Wong, country director, PhilTower. “Now, expanding your coverage need not be capital intensive.”

PhilTower has started to partner with various real estate developers to implement this solution and provide value to their developments while fulfilling the connectivity needs of their residences.

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