PLDT Enterprise addresses need for secure, reliable connectivity with iGate

PLDT Enterprise has started offering Dedicated Internet Access (iGate) solutions to enable businesses with managed connectivity that comes with guaranteed speeds and the flexibility to scale.

iGate delivers highly resilient enterprise-grade internet access, ideal for medium to large corporate internet access requirements, for deploying robust internet-based platforms and initiatives such as online banking, e-commerce, and online services, and for running bandwidth-intensive and latency-critical applications.
“The challenges of the pandemic have pushed us further at PLDT Enterprise to tailor-fit our solutions guaranteed to assure businesses that they can continue their operations and ultimately transform their business,” said Jovy Hernandez, president and CEO, ePLDT and SVP and head, PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups. “We continuously expand our network infrastructure and strengthen our connectivity solutions such as iGate, to enable businesses to accelerate their digital transformation.”

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At present, iGate runs over PLDT’s IP network which uses different international submarine cable networks to ensure maximum resiliency, and connect to various internet networks via direct peering arrangements with major carriers, ISPs, Content Providers, and Internet Exchange Points giving businesses low latency connections to specific Point-of-Interest of enterprises.
iGate’s performance and reliability are two key factors customers look for in their digital experience. A third crucial factor is security, since data is the bloodline of businesses today. Furthermore, with iGate’s performance that can burst up to double the subscribed bandwidth any time of the day and a reinforced 99.9% SLA, businesses get value for their money with iGate’s extreme capabilities and service inclusions.