PLDT Global Enterprise enables business expansion of CDS Global Cloud

PLDT Global Enterprise announces its partnership with CDS Global Cloud Co. Ltd., a cloud and infrastructure services provider based in Beijing, China. The collaboration between the companies is anchored on PLDT’s Private Network Interconnect (PNI) service, an international direct access between the content and the users that are hoped to vastly improve customer experience.

“This new partnership highlights the Philippine Digital Ecosystem’s strong relevance among global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and cloud service providers,” said Vic Tria, FVP and enterprise revenue group head, PLDT. “We are confident that this initiative will augment CDS Global’s value to the markets they serve by enhancing customer conversion and retention rate via the direct path linking users and content made possible by the PNI solution we are providing.”

To enhance customer experience, CDS Global Cloud will use PLDT’s PNI service out of Hong Kong and Singapore that are supported by PLDT’s own international submarine cables linking back to the Philippines. These cables bridge the PLDT public internet subscribers and users directly to CDS Global Cloud’s platforms solidifying the brand as a Tier 1 CDN provider, in the process.

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CDS Global Cloud is a listed company in the Shenzen Stock market. As a leading ISP and IDC operator, CDS offers fast and reliable global private networks throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States and provides full-stack IT solutions, data center-related services, and CDN services with round-the-clock support service. CDS Global’s unique Global Interconnected Cloud was developed to help deliver any type of digital content to the region by leveraging Global Private Network (GPN), a full-stack service with best-in-class service and global support.

The Philippines is part of CDS Global’s market where users can access content through the nearest CDS Global platform servers in Hong Kong and Singapore.

“This will definitely add value to the experience our customers will get from us,” said He Jian Ming (何剑鸣), VP, strategic cooperation of CDS Global Cloud.