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PLDT Global partners with SmarTone to provide services to customers in Hong Kong

PLDT has teamed up with SmarTone to level up services for customers in Hong Kong. SmarTone, one of Hong Kong’s leading technology services providers, is the latest addition to PLDT Global Corp.’s (PGC) portfolio of international partners.

Almost 20,000 overseas Filipinos who have been using Smart World SIMs in Hong Kong are now SmarTone subscribers. While retaining their existing Smart World numbers, they will also have access to expanded features such as faster mobile speeds and access to 5G, as well as affordable international direct dialing (IDD) call buckets and access to entertainment services.

Customers will also enjoy a wider array of perks such as welcome promos, handset offers, and STone rewards that can be used to redeem gadgets. Consumers will also be able to easily track their usage through an app, and top up via digital payment platforms or authorized convenience stores.

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“This is part of our commitment to serve Filipinos by providing innovative platforms and partnerships to help them achieve their goals, wherever they are in the world,” said Albert Villa-Real, SVP and chief commercial officer at PLDT Global. “This upgrade will enable our kababayans in Hong Kong to access a bigger Filipino community and give them a warmer sense of home.”

Global Filipinos and international enterprises

PLDT Global continues to ramp up its reach and services worldwide. It recently partnered with SoftBank Corp. to provide reliable and secure internet services to enterprises in Japan through SmartInternet Suite Ether. The technology company also expanded its points-of-presence to over 100 countries to serve customers across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The company also strengthened its partnership with the Philippine Cable and Telecommunications Association (PCTA) to empower members with connectivity solutions and help accelerate their digital initiatives in the new normal.

Through its internationally acclaimed app, Free Bee, PGC was also able to provide Filipinos all over the world with a convenient and affordable platform to reach their families back home.