PLDT aims to harness AI for enhanced operations

PLDT Inc. (PLDT), an integrated telco network, along with Smart Communications Inc.(Smart), has expressed keen interest in further harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to develop innovative products and services.

During the recent PLDT first-half 2023 earnings media briefing, PLDT highlighted the potential role of AI technology in both its network operations and the delivery of intelligent business solutions to customers.

“We cannot navigate the new world with an old map,” said Alfredo Panlilio, president and CEO, PLDT and Smart. “Things are changing, technology is developing, and we need to leapfrog in terms of our plans and strategies.” 

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PLDT and Smart are actively integrating AI and machine learning into their self-optimizing network, aligning with global operators in the swift adoption of this transformative technology.

Strong governance model

“AI and machine learning enable us to have a more predictive — and later on, prescriptive — way of operating our network,” said Eric Santiago, head of Network, PLDT and Smart.

PLDT acknowledges the challenge of discovering another game-changing innovation that could revolutionize the industry and benefit consumers. However, the company still recognizes the fundamental role of human capital when employing AI. PLDT underscores the value of governance model and human oversight, especially at the initial stages of implementing AI, even in conventional use cases like chatbots for customer service.

“These chatbots may (understand different languages and interact with customers),” said Victor Genuino, president and CEO, ePLDT, the ICT arm of PLDT. “But overall, the AI application has to be driven by a very strong governance model.”