PLDT leverages Ericsson AI platform to develop new solutions

PLDT Enterprise, the corporate arm of the telco PLDT, will collaborate with Ericsson, a Swedish ICT company, to develop (AI) artificial intelligence-enabled solutions. 

“The partnership with Ericsson will explore the possibility of ideating and co-developing innovative solutions for different industries using Ericsson AI Exchange Platform,” said Melvin Jeffrey Chan, VP and head of Innovations, Business Development, Consulting, and Presales, PLDT Enterprise.  

The Ericsson AI Exchange is an enterprise-grade solution that harnesses an ecosystem of developers and partners. It constitutes a complete technology stack founded on a distributed architecture deployed within a hybrid cloud. PLDT Innolab, responsible for overseeing the partnership for PLDT Enterprise, was designed to furnish local industries and start-ups with state-of-the-art facilities focused on research and co-development of next-generation products and innovations.

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“Ericsson AI Exchange is an agnostic, enterprise-grade platform that can seamlessly integrate with any ecosystem either via application programmable interfaces or as an app,” said Andrew Thuan, Ericsson head of Cloud Software Services and ICT Innovation Ericsson Singapore, Brunei & Philippines.   

Streamlining business operations

Ericsson’s AI Exchange has been applied in a collaborative sustainability project between Ericsson and Smart in Sasmuan, Pampanga. This project focuses on safeguarding mangrove forests and detecting and classifying bird species. As part of this initiative in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Ericsson integrated AI models into camera systems. These models transmit images upon detecting human presence in protected areas or birds in sanctuaries, thus avoiding the use of costly bandwidth. 

These initiatives align with PLDT Enterprise’s ongoing commitment to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into its core business practices. With the Ericsson AI Exchange, PLDT Enterprise can delve into queuing and traffic analysis for streamlined business operations. Furthermore, machine vision and AI-driven insights have the potential to bolster food production, enhance occupational health, safety, and security, and fortify environmental protection efforts for biodiversity. 

According to Thuan, Ericsson’s AI Exchange Platform has the capacity to reduce the expenses associated with transitioning to digital service delivery and decrease time-to-market in numerous emerging domains.

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