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Smart hopes to reduce carbon sources with solar energy

Smart Communications Inc. (Smart), the wireless subsidiary of telco PLDT, aims to decrease its carbon emissions by adopting Solar Energy Storage as a Service (SESaaS) for its cell sites. The solar panels will also function as the battery storage system, supplying power for its daily operations.

“Once fully implemented, we are looking at a reduction of as much as 88% in greenhouse gas emissions in off-grid sites,” said Eric Santiago, FVP and head of Network at PLDT and Smart.

By embracing SESaaS, the company seeks to enhance power supply availability, especially in regions with limited or no access to commercial power sources.

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The initial location, situated in Palawan, represents an off-grid site where the installation provided uninterrupted tower energization throughout the entire day, as reported by Smart. The second location corresponds to a site powered by a commercial grid along STAR Tollway.

“The facility demonstrated its seamless capability to transition from reliance on the commercial grid to being powered by surplus energy stored in batteries,” Smart said.

Drawing insights from these POCs, Smart identifies opportunities for achieving cost efficiencies. This advancement will empower Smart to expand mobile signal coverage to customers residing in remote areas without access to the electricity grid. It can also curtail reliance on diesel generators during instances of power outages and emergencies.

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