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TeLavi powers San Fernando City LGU hotline

Gur Lavi Corp. (GLC), a company specializing in voice communication solutions, has been tapped by the local government of San Fernando City in Pampanga, situated to the north of the capital Manila, to provide technology for its Voice Connectivity Integration, also known as the One Hotline Number.

The One Hotline Number, known as Voice Connectivity Integration, serves as a centralized communication channel accessible to the city’s residents. San Fernando City’s initiative, the Kayabe Hotline Number 961HELP (4357), implemented through Telavi, stands as an innovative effort within the province of Pampanga.

“This initiative will help not only in managing our processes but also in immediately responding to the needs of our dear people in San Fernando City by improving and accelerating communication in the local government,” San Fernando City Mayor Vilma Caluag said.

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GLC will utilize its flagship product, TeLavi, a unified communications and call center telephony solutions platform, for the project.

Emergency response

“Telavi offers great help for San Fernando City, especially in improving the internal and external communication of the local government,” said Erwin Co, president and CEO, GLC. “This will be useful for the people of San Fernando as it speeds up the LGU’s response to their needs, especially during emergencies and calamities.”

San Fernando City is promoting the centralization of its voice connectivity infrastructure to improve public services. Residents need only remember a single number to establish contact with local government agencies:  the Kayabe Hotline Number 961HELP (4357).

Mayor Caluag further highlighted the technology’s potential to expedite communication with the city’s 35 barangays, particularly during disaster responses amid typhoons, severe flooding, and earthquakes.

On top of all of these benefits, Co envisions broader collaborative prospects through this partnership. The project has the potential to garner support not only from the public sector but also from private entities, spanning small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations operating branches or satellite offices in remote areas. The LGU’s communication infrastructure will also witness improvements with the Telavi App, enabling government employees to stay seamlessly connected with colleagues within their office or other departments.

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