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Poly unveils Voyager Focus 2 smart wireless headset with next-gen noise-canceling technology

Audio communications equipment Poly just launched the Voyager Focus 2 wireless headset that is perfect not only for work-from-home setup but in offices as well. The pro-grade noise-canceling microphone paired with Poly’s Acoustic Fence technology provides the “best noise reduction yet.”

The Poly Voyager Focus 2, the latest addition to Poly’s lineup of best-selling stereo Bluetooth headsets, promises to deliver crystal clear sound which is most desired during calls and video conferences.

The Voyager Focus 2 headset is available in two different options: the Voyager Focus 2 UC and Voyager Focus 2 Office.

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The Voyager Focus 2 UC headset connects to mobile phones and PC/Mac via Poly’s new BT700 USB adapter that ensures a more stable audio connection and extended range for when users need to step away from their devices while staying connected. It also has a convenient desktop charging stand option to ensure one is always charged plus serves for easy desktop storing.

For those who need to connect to multiple communication devices throughout the workday, the Voyager Focus 2 Office headset connects with desk phones, mobile phones, and PC/Mac. The Office version continues to charge in the base when the headset is not in use, so you are always ready to take a call. It can also be used as a wired headset when plugged into the computer’s USB port.

Poly Voyager Focus 2 - Office
The Voyager Focus 2 headset is available in two different options: the Voyager Focus 2 UC and Voyager Focus 2 Office.


“In this work-from-anywhere era where background noise comes at you from all sides, workers are looking for technology that reduces distractions and allows them to focus on what really matters,” said Samir Sayed, managing director, Asean & Korea, Poly. “The Voyager Focus 2 is packed with three levels of hybrid ANC so all you hear is your call, while on the other end all they hear is your voice – no other background noises, thanks to our high-performance microphones and Poly’s Acoustic Fence technology.”

Poly’s Advanced Digital Hybrid ANC comes with three settings —high, mid, and off — that will allow users to can set the right level for their surroundings. The hybrid workforce will also find the carrying case convenient so they can take the headset if they need to go to their offices.

Pro-Grade Performance

Poly Voyager Focus 2’s Dynamic Mute Alert feature may banish the “You’re on mute” comments video calls because this will prompt users that yes, they are on mute when it’s their turn to speak. The online ear cup indicator will flash if users are on call and serve as a visual cue to others that the user is busy.

Additional smart sensors will help users answer calls and play or pause music, and the smart microphone boom will automatically switch left and right audio no matter which side the headset is worn. The headset intuitively mutes the headset when the boom is in the upright position to make sure the users are always in control of their calls.

Longer Talk Time

Poly has supersized its most popular Voyager Focus headset by not only extending the battery life in the latest model but by also providing the option to use it as a corded device, with audio over USB mode. According to Poly, the battery alone will offer a longer talk time, with up to 19 hours

Microsoft Teams Open Office certification

The Voyager Focus 2 headset has earned the Microsoft Teams Open Office premium microphone specification with its noise-canceling microphone and Poly’s Acoustic Fence technology, ensuring nearby conversations are always kept private. It is Microsoft Teams-certified and comes with a dedicated Teams button for instant access to the app. It’s also compatible with Zoom right out of the box to seamlessly support all your collaboration and communications needs.

For added convenience, the Voyager Focus 2 supports Poly Lens, a personal device support service, making it easier for IT teams to troubleshoot and manage devices while working remotely. The Voyager Focus 2 comes with a two-year limited warranty and access to Poly’s standard support. For additional peace of mind, Poly+ is available, a paid subscription service that offers 24/7 technology support for personal devices around the world and a third-year warranty.

Poly Voyager Focus 2 is now available in the Philippines.