Resulticks brings advanced omnichannel marketing solution to PH

In the research “The Omnichannel Imperative: The State of Enterprise Readiness in Southeast Asia,” reveals in terms of near-term marketing priorities, the top two focus areas for businesses are real-time marketing (65%) and omnichannel delivery and engagement (52%).

These days, social listening is not enough and data can sometimes be cluttered, which makes it quite difficult to analyze. Real-time marketing solutions provider Resulticks is tapping various industries that will benefit from omnichannel.

Omnichannel is a marketing strategy that provides companies with a fully integrated shopping experience by consolidating user experiences through their journey from mobile-browsing to online shopping or purchase from brick and mortar shops.

“Omnichannel takes on all touchpoints,” said Kulmeet Bawa, COO, Resulticks. “Banking, hospitality, retail, and services are the key industries that could make use a lot of real-time marketing solutions.”

Resulticks Kulmeet Bawa Ria Rodriguez-Bie

Kulmeet Bawa, COO and president of Resulticks and Ria Rodriguez-Bie, Asia Pacific director for Partnership Channels.

Resulticks announced its expansion with the setting up of its Philippine offices to help brands explore the advantages of utilizing omnichannel marketing solutions. According to its study, 70% of Filipino brands have already begun consolidating their customer engagement database, a crucial leading indicator of the market’s growing movement toward an omnichannel marketing approach.

“Filipino consumers have become increasingly saturated with marketing messages from brands, meaning local brands have had to undergo significant changes to shift with the times,” said Ria Rodriguez-Bie. “This is why 59% of local brands have said that real-time marketing is a key priority for them in 2019. Through our market-leading technology, we want to help local brands, especially those in the BFSI, retail, and travel and hospitality sectors, take their marketing strategy to the next level and help them engage with their customers in a more meaningful way.”

Delivering content and messaging in real-time across multiple channels makes it efficient for brands to offer more effective customer engagement. Resulticks wants to position itself as a key partner in the Philippines companies’ growth plans.

With Resulticks’ omnichannel reach, brands can coordinate marketing campaigns across all relevant channels, including social media, emails, eCommerce platforms, mobile apps, SMS and digital assistants. Resulticks can also enable integrated campaigns by bridging the gap with offline channels using technology such as QR codes and location beacons in conjunction with robust customer data.

Resulticks also pairs robust customer data management capabilities with AI and machine learning to enable brands to better deliver seamless customer journeys and individualized interactions with customers in real-time.