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Rex Education’s Schoology aims to complement in-person classes

With the announcement of the Department of Education (DepEd) mandating schools to hold face-to-face (F2F) or in-person classes, publisher Rex Bookstore aims to provide solutions that would assist in the transition. The COVID-19 pandemic forced students into online classes relying mostly on digital tools.

Rex Education’s Schoology is one of the very first learning management systems (LMS) made available to teachers and students to continue their teaching and learning from home when schools were forced to close temporarily in 2020. Because of the demand for LMS during that period, REX expanded the reach of Schoology and the resources available on the platform. Thousands of teachers and students are now using Schoology as part of their online and distance teaching and learning modalities.

“When we introduced Schoology to the Philippines in 2015, we had an idea in mind that the digital classroom is the classroom of the future,” said Don Timothy Buhain, CEO of Rex Education. “That’s why when the pandemic broke out, we were ready. Schoology created an avenue for seamless learning, without compromising our learners, and playing to the advantage of our learners being digital natives. Today, the digital classroom is the classroom of the now normal.”

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Rex Education believes that even if schools go back to F2F classes, the best practices of online learning will carry on. Schoology was originally designed to augment and enhance the traditional learning setup, not completely replace it, making it the perfect platform to provide 21st-century learning experiences needed to transition students into the now new normal.

“Technology cannot be an add-on; it’s a necessity,” Rex Education said in a media release. “Flexible learning is not a privilege or an advantage; it’s also a necessity. Certainly, future-proofing our classrooms, although it cannot be perfected, is a reality.”


Having a trusted partner grounded in sustainability, flexibility, and technology is key in making the transition as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Backed by more than 70 years of expertise, Rex Education and with Schoology could be every school’s ideal partner for the 21st-century classroom.

Assessment is made easier with the automated test scoring and consolidation of results through Schoology’s Grade Book. Analytics are readily available for teachers so they may adjust their materials based on the class performance, while parents are able to monitor their children’s progress throughout the quarter and the academic year.

Classroom management and communication are centralized in the platform. Students, teachers, and parents can also monitor the student workload through Workload Planning, and they can be reminded of deadlines using the platform’s Calendar function.

Schoology can be accessed via browser on PC and laptops, or on mobile phones and tablets via the app. As an all-in-one learning platform, it comes packed with features like Personalized Courses, Calendar, Messages, Dropbox, Online Tests, Integrated Apps, Groups, and Grade Book.