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Rocket Software bolsters mainframe solutions with acquisition of B.O.S.

Rocket Software Inc. (Rocket Software), a software development firm, has acquired B.O.S., a German-based software company specializing in data integration solutions.

This acquisition brings together Rocket Software’s existing solutions and B.O.S. technology, enhancing Rocket Software’s ability to provide comprehensive solutions to address the challenges of modernizing mainframe data.

B.O.S.’s flagship product, formerly known as tcVISION, is now rebranded as Rocket Data Replicate and Sync and will seamlessly integrate into Rocket Software’s portfolio of modernization products, enriching an organization’s existing infrastructure.

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This proprietary technology empowers organizations to harness advanced tools such as machine learning and analytics engines within cloud environments, enabling real-time utilization of mainframe data without the need to rewrite all applications for cloud compatibility. This technology simplifies the process of training generative artificial intelligence (AI) models by tapping into a business’ mainframe data.

“By bringing B.O.S. into the Rocket Software family, our customers will have the unique capability to seamlessly replicate data between the cloud and mainframe, allowing them to modernize in place to accelerate and optimize their journeys and meet the evolving needs of the market,” said Milan Shetti, president and CEO of Rocket Software. 

Mainframe modernization

According to Rocket Software, mainframes continue to store an estimated 80% of global enterprise data and remain crucial systems of record for organizations worldwide. The data within mainframes serves as an invaluable source of insights for industries ranging from financial services, retail, and healthcare to major government agencies.

“However, to operate most effectively, the mainframe must be modernized to integrate with the public and private cloud, which offers advanced analytics capabilities that can help organizations extract the most valuable insights from their data,” Rocket Software said in a statement. 

With the acquisition of B.O.S., Rocket Software enables to store, manage, control, and replicate data between the mainframe, on-premises infrastructure, and public cloud platforms in near real-time, addressing the evolving needs of modern businesses.

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