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ASG Technologies unveils containerized delivery of solutions to streamline software updates

ASG Technologies, a Rocket Company and leading provider of solutions for the information-powered enterprise announced that its DevOps value stream management platform, ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator, and its multi-platform workload automation solution, ASG-Zena, now include support for deployment via Docker containers.

This new deployment model provides a faster, more standardized way of getting updated products into customers’ hands. ASG has also announced new DevOps toolchain integrations for ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator to execute tasks in Ansible and Xray.

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator and ASG-Zena enable users to work across platforms to manage complex development and operational processes and accelerate the delivery of innovation to end-users and customers. By shifting to a containerized deployment model, organizations can be confident upgrades are deployed across all associated platforms and clouds, enabling a “write once, run anywhere” model.

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“As organizations adopt DevOps and increase development and delivery velocity, it is critical they invest in tools that can be deployed and managed with ease and flexibility to ensure new product innovations are incorporated across their entire ecosystem,” said Anna Murray, director, Product Management, Rocket Software. “By shifting ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator and ASG-Zena to a Docker container deployment model, we have simplified deployments and upgrades so our customers can focus more time on strategic work that drives innovation.”

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator continues to expand its DevOps ecosystem with new integrations to Ansible, an enterprise automation platform that reduces repetitive tasks and allows DevOps teams to focus on more value-added work; and Xray, a test management solution that ensures testing is woven into every stage of development to improve software quality. With these integrations, users gain more visibility into their DevOps ecosystems and pipelines, giving users the tools they need to innovate more quickly and efficiently.

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