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Samsung Galaxy Watch6 offers host of new fitness features

Samsung introduces the new Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic, designed to promote healthier lifestyles day and night. With a sleek and refined design, both models offer a larger and more vibrant display, along with an improved user interface. 

The Galaxy Watch6 series focuses on improving sleep, recognizing its importance for overall health. Users can access an in-depth analysis of their sleep patterns, including Sleep Score Factors, which assess total sleep time, sleep cycle, awake time, and physical and mental recovery. 

Co-developed with the National Sleep Foundation, the watches offer personalized Sleep Messages that provide detailed feedback each morning. Enhanced Sleep Coaching provides tailored instructions, tips, and reminders to help users make positive changes to their sleep habits.

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Fitness and health features are also personalized to keep users motivated. The Body Composition feature measures key physical metrics like skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, body water, and body fat percentage, allowing for a tailored approach to fitness goals. The Personalized Heart Rate Zone feature analyzes individual physical capabilities and sets optimal running intensity levels. The watches offer over 100 workout trackers, including Track Run and Custom Workout options.

Refined design and enhanced display

The Galaxy Watch6 series presents new designs that offer a better viewing experience and increased power. The 20% larger display provides more on-screen content and a larger keyboard without sacrificing comfort. The high-resolution display with a peak brightness of 2,000 nits ensures readability even in bright sunlight. The watches are equipped with an enhanced processor and memory for smoother interactions.

The bezels of both models have been reduced, enhancing the elegant circle frame. New stylish and informative watch faces take advantage of the larger display, and one-click bands allow for easy customization. The larger battery and reduced consumption support the brighter display, and a quick eight-minute charge adds an extra eight hours of battery life, perfect for overnight sleep tracking.

Maximizing convenience

The Galaxy Watch6 series offers greater capabilities right from the wrist. Users can stay connected with friends and family through WhatsApp and stay productive with Google Calendar and Gmail apps, exclusive to Wear OS. Updates from Peloton and MyFitnessPal provide improved fitness and nutritional tracking. The introduction of the Skin Temperature API allows for advanced infrared technology for more accurate measurements, enabling new possibilities for users.

The watches also enhance interactions with other Samsung devices. The Camera Controller allows remote control of a paired Galaxy Z Flip5 camera. Users can view their progress on a Samsung Smart TV or Galaxy Tab S9 with guided fitness or mindfulness programs. Galaxy Buds2 Pro automatically switches connections between Samsung devices via Auto Switch, and Find My Phone with map support helps locate misplaced phones.

The Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic are available for pre-order in select markets from July 26, with general availability starting Aug. 18.

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