Samsung showcases vision for connected living at 2019 CES

Samsung Electronics highlights the advances it made in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G that will eventually power the Internet of Things (IoT) or connected living during its presentation at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Samsung unveiled its future AI-powered robotics platforms, which can be used to manage activities of daily living, such as helping an aging population independently manage their health routine.

“2019 is Samsung Electronics 50th anniversary, and for the last five decades, we’ve been committed to bringing meaningful innovations to consumers everywhere,” said HS Kim, president and CEO of Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics. “In 2019, we’re taking things to the next level, and leveraging our industry leadership to make our vision of Connected Living a reality.”


Samsung showcased its latest developments in robotics platforms including the Samsung Bot Care, Samsung Bot Air, Samsung Bot Retail, and Samsung GEMS. Among the robotics platforms, Samsung gave a first public demonstration of Samsung Bot Care, which helps consumers manage their daily health routines.

Samsung’s SmartThings Ecosystem after the integration of the SmartThings App and the SmartThings Cloud. The Korean technology company reported a 220-percent user growth and new app installs increased by 61 percent. The number of partners participating in this ecosystem has also grown by 44 percent with global brands like Amazon, Google, Bose, Sylvania, and Plume using SmartThings technology.

Samsung was able to gain the bragging rights of being the “No. 1 patent holder of ETSI1 (A European Standards Organization developing World Class Standards in Europe for global use.)” having registered 2,000 5G essential patents as of November 2018. The company also said that it is the “world’s first company to receive FCC approval on its commercial 5G equipment. The company powered the commercialization of home and mobile 5G networks with major US (United States) carriers and all three mobile carriers in Korea, with additional trials running in Asia and Europe.

By establishing seven Global AI Centers, the company is making a statement that it will incorporate the AI technology in its future products. Samsung determination in maximizing the technology is further affirmed with Samsung NEXT’s and the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center’s (SSIC) investments in 20 AI-related startups in the past five years.

Intelligence platform

After initial dry runs in Samsung Galaxy phones, Bixby has evolved into an open AI platform that can support more devices. The company announced that Bixby intelligence will be infused into its 2019 QLED and premium TVs, and smart appliances like refrigerators, washers, as well as air conditioners, mobile devices, AI speakers and more. It added that Bixby is expanding to a new Digital Cockpit and robotics platforms.

Samsung also announced its core AI philosophy: fairness, accountability, and transparency. It also said that as the company works to advance AI technology, it is “committed to ensuring the algorithms it builds are inclusive, the protection of user information and privacy are top priorities, and it’s easy for consumers to understand what the company does with their data and how it is handled.”

The company also announced that end-users will also experience the power of 5G when it introduces its 5G smartphone in the first half of this year.

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