Shopee Seller Education Hube-commerce

Shopee’s seller education hub helps SMEs future-proof their business

E-commerce platform Shopee developed the Shopee Seller Education Hub to help entrepreneurs onboard the platform further enhance their business skills.

The Shopee Seller Education Hub hosts modules on how to cultivate an online presence and boost sales. It helps micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) ease their way into the digital world through seller masterclasses tackling various e-commerce topics. These include sharing how-tos on running effective campaigns and growing the business, proper guidelines on handling return and refund requests, managing listing assets, boosting sales using available marketing tools, and creating awareness of the target market through activity and business insights.

“The global situation has accelerated digital transformation, as more brands and MSMEs explore the opportunities of e-commerce to reach a wider audience,” said Martin Yu, director at Shopee Philippines. “As the marketing landscape changes at a rapid pace, Shopee will continue to offer improved in-app features and initiatives to cater to the growing demand for e-commerce here in the Philippines.”

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Marketing tools

With in-app features such as Shopee Live and ShopeePay, sellers can enjoy a smooth and engaging selling experience on the platform.

Shopee Live is an in-app feature where sellers can interact with their customers and answer real-time questions and inquiries regarding a product. This feature gives the seller and the consumer a more connected shopping experience.

Shopee Live added three new features to make online shopping more engaging and drives sales for businesses.

The ‘Mine’ Feature

Users can reserve an item during a live stream by tapping the “Mine” button. It will generate the usernames of the first ten tappers so that the seller can contact the buyers to make the sale.

The Poll Feature Guide

Sellers can create engaging polls about trivia and questions. The Poll Feature also helps sellers decide which items are requested by the viewers.

The Co-streaming Feature

Sellers can invite their viewers to join them in the stream and is best used when a seller wants to increase their engagement through games and interactions.

Digital payments

ShopeePay, Shopee’s in-app e-wallet, on the other hand, allows shoppers to pay for purchases and sellers to withdraw earnings conveniently. Recently, ShopeePay also added more billers to its lineup. Users can now top-up RFID stickers, pay for NBI clearance applications, and pay for their Smart mobile plans, Meralco electricity bills, Maynilad bills, and many more.


Through strategic partnerships with government agencies and various organizations, Shopee can reach more MSMEs effectively and help them expand their businesses on Shopee’s platform. Joint initiatives with the government include CTRL + BIZ: Reboot Now!, a series of webinars where MSMEs can learn how to transform their businesses digitally.

Shopee also partnered with regional and provincial DTI offices in providing masterclasses to sellers. Shopee assisted in onboarding sellers from Regions III, IV, and XII, and provinces such as Nueva Ecija and Zambales. Shopee partnered with foreign organizations such as USAID to provide more than 500 women entrepreneurs with integrated digital marketing training. These programs help sellers maximize the use of digital platforms to expand and boost their businesses.