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Teleperformance opens Cloud Campus hubs in north, south of Metro Manila

Teleperformance’s (TP) latest global operating model, Cloud Campus, is designed to allow companies to expand easily utilizing unique, cloud-centric solutions. The launch of two new hubs hopes to address the expanding need of remote work environment.

As a company that offers digitally integrated business services, Teleperformance recognized the emerging need for companies to be flexible in their business operations. The new Cloud Campus facilities are housed at TP Aura and TP Fairview covering the north and south of the Philippine capital Manila.

The Cloud Campus hubs at Teleperformance Aura and Fairview sites serve as the operational command center of virtual teams. Home-based interaction experts can work from anywhere while remaining connected with their Teleperformance team through the Cloud Campus hubs. It blends proprietary Teleperformance technology, analytics, and process excellence (T.A.P.).

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“The Teleperformance Cloud Campus model was designed to help businesses who are looking at remote work as part of their growth plans in the new digital economy,” said Mike Lytle, CEO, Teleperformance USA, Canada, and Philippines. “It thoughtfully addresses the main concerns of companies for processes that are to be handled from a home environment, such as security, performance and control, and engagement of remote teams. Teleperformance Cloud Campus also allows companies to ensure the health and safety of their employees, which remains a priority now and most certainly in the future, without compromising business continuity.”


The operating capabilities of Teleperformance Cloud Campus include virtual talent acquisition, training, development, coaching, team building, learning, client interaction, quality control, and data security management, as well as emotional well-being and rich social interaction for employees. Gamification is utilized for employee fun, socialization, and education as part of the new Teleperformance ‘campus life’.

The Cloud Campus hubs include training rooms that are technology optimized to recreate the experience of onsite training like video conference systems, digital whiteboards, and wallboards with performance dashboards. Virtual technology allows managers to see their team’s schedule and connect with them for huddles or one on one sessions, and space for support teams such as training, supervisors and other managers, IT Helpdesk Support, Quality, and Workforce Management, that will allow more efficient knowledge transfer and increased focus on the special needs of the remote employees.

To further support work-at-home employees, Teleperformance also employs the TP Digital Floorwalker, a digital assistant that uses machine learning to handle questions from agents that can result in improved first call resolutions and reduced average handle times for calls. The Cloud Campus hubs also utilize dashboards to monitor the internet speed of employees, allowing for the faster intervention of connectivity issues.