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The SM Store taps Aptos to enable merchandise financial planning solution

The SM Store taps retail management software provider Aptos to support its omnichannel sales planning activities. Aptos’ Merchandise Financial Planning provides merchandise planning capabilities across all its products, stores, and digital channels.

The SM Store is part of SM Retail Inc., one of the largest retailers in the Philippines with a portfolio of department stores, supermarkets, and specialty stores. The SM Store has over 60 stores located in key cities throughout the country and carries a wide range of apparel, accessories, housewares, general merchandise, and lifestyle products.

The SM Store recognized the need to equip the organization with a merchandise financial planning tool that is omnichannel ready. The solution allows the company to standardize planning procedures across businesses and product categories.

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Aptos’ Merchandise Financial Planning provides The SM Store with end-to-end support of merchandise planning activities, from strategic planning to planning by channel. The ability of the solution to support detailed planning such as product and location level will enable The SM Store to optimize inventory levels and sales plan allocation across the vast network of SM’s stores.

Vital process for retailers

“As shoppers raise the bar to purchase and pick up products in any and every channel, merchandise planning has become a vital process for retailers,” said Steve Towe, president and COO at Aptos. “Our solution, designed to support the complexity of omnichannel business models, helps retailers make precise merchandise decisions, optimize their inventory, and increase synergies across channels for both profitable and exceptional customer experiences.”

The solution helps simulate — and allows — planners to make course corrections to keep a firm handle on the achievement of sales and inventory investment targets. With their expansive product range, a growing array of services, and digital capabilities, merchandise planning is both complex and a strategic differentiator for The SM Store.

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