UnionBank Ark of Dreams Metaverse

UnionBank enters Metaverse with the Ark of Dreams

Recognizing the explosive growth of blockchain, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and cryptocurrency globally, Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) has embarked on a journey to become the first Philippine bank in the Metaverse, in partnership with Filipino Blockchain startup Ark of Dreams. 

“This collaboration with Ark of Dreams gives us yet another opportunity to forge forward in our pursuit of tech-ing up the Philippines and reinforcing our commitment to deliver superior customer experience across channels,” said Henry R. Aguda, chief technology and operations officer and chief transformation officer at UnionBank. “Now, even the Metaverse. We are excited to be the leader in this revolution as the digital asset space keeps maturing and consumer demand for it grows exponentially.”

The Ark of Dreams (AOD) is a unique, decentralized, and immersive blockchain-based shared human experience NFT game connecting the real world to the Metaverse through mobile play to earn, NFTs, meta-commerce, and brand integration. 

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The founder of Ark of Dreams, Jason Dela Rosa said that “Ark of Dreams is a unique metaverse project” he envisioned this NFT project to provide opportunities that will allow to uplift people’s lives. 

Virtual experience

“We wanted to create an engaging and immersive virtual experience that is seamlessly connected to the real world,” Dela Rosa said. “That means interacting with their favorite brands while availing (themselves) of services like e-Commerce and earning rewards and benefits on the platform, which may be redeemable even in the physical world. We are looking forward to a long-term partnership with UnionBank to provide value to our community and to keep innovating in this space.”

“With this partnership, the integration of a suite of financial services with UnionBank’s innovations merged with the principles of Blockchain technology through a gamified NFT platform that is Ark of Dreams, there are unlimited possibilities to serve the whole ecosystem. Our imagination is the only limitation, “said Angeline Chii Viray, CEO, Ark of Dreams. 

Aguda added that the partnership is intended to familiarize and safely bring everyone into Metaverse, through collaborative ideation and co-creation of experiences and products among Ark of Dreams, UnionBank, and the SME community.

AOD interacts with the real world by incorporating online shopping, NFTs, online activities, social events, gaming, virtual world exploration, and activities linked to well-loved brands and icons.