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United Neon pushes for innovation in advertising

The realm advertising industry has expanded with the advent of social media and influencers. United Neon Advertising, an out-of-home (OOH) media company, has been advocating for the fusion of creativity and innovation to help brands reach their target audience and even beyond.

The competition is cutthroat, to say the least, for brands jockeying for positions to grab consumer attention. 

In the Philippines, United Neon Advertising has become the most preferred creative company for brands aiming to stand out and leave consumers in awe. The company continues to trailblaze in innovation through creative marketing solutions.

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UN Advertising Business Development and Innovation head Benjamin Ernest Lim emphasized the importance of coming up with creative ads “that people actually want to see.”

“Engagement is the name of the game now because the average consumer is already exposed to so many types of media,” Lim said. “We’re constantly thinking about new ways to help brands catch the attention of the people that they want to talk to so that they can tell their stories.”

Challenge for brands

In a sea of readily accessible ads, the challenge for brands is how to make their messaging stand out, grab the public’s attention, and engage their audience. Brands that know how to play their ad card games right agree that this can be done through creative advertising.

In an analysis by business management consultancy firm McKinsey & Company, it was shown that “highly creative brands, measured by their performance at the Cannes Lions advertising awards over 15 years, consistently outperform their peers.”

Among the latest innovations in the advertising industry in the Philippines is the launch of the first-ever and award-winning naked eye 3D billboard executions at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. These were created by the creative geniuses of Onion Bulb Productions (OBP), the production arm of the United Neon Media Group, in collaboration with the creative agencies of the brand.

True enough, the OBP clients who were the first to boldly step into the 3D LED ads expressed delight at the impact of their interactive billboard ads, triggering a flood of inquiries from potential clients. Among these brands were McDonald’s Philippines, Huawei, Foodpanda, and Nissan. 

Interactive advertising

“Brands recognize the power of immersive and interactive advertising that is provided by digital billboards,” said Michiko Tañedo, executive producer, OBP. “The thrust of OBP is to create visual productions that create strong emotional connections with users and create a memorable experience with them and the brands.”

“Brands know that they need to boost their digital game to attract and retain customers amid the highly saturated and competitive consumer market, and OBP’s naked eye 3D LED executions could very well help them with that,” she added.

OBP is the go-to of brands and their teams, not just for 3D LED executions but also for their other creative services such as 3D and 2D animations, 360 clickable walkthroughs, 360 photography, company AVPs, digital advertisements, infographic videos, live streams, LED and billboard documentation, event coverage, episode digital content, instructional videos, brand content, and portraits, product, lifestyle, and even food photography that delivers appetizing results. OBP is also set to venture into commercial videos very soon.

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