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US-based BPO R1 optimistic about PH expansion

R1 RCM, a revenue cycle management company servicing hospitals, health systems and physician groups across the United States, is optimistic that the newly opened office in the Philippines will bring more growth to the company.

The Philippine office (located at Uptown BGC) announced its first hires who will undergo a six-week training program that would familiarize them on the US healthcare industry. As a revenue cycle management firm, R1 RCM provides modular services targeted across the revenue cycle including pre-registration, financial clearance, debt collection, charge capture, coding, billing and follow-up, u and denials management.

“We want to create that perfect patient experience and drive that across every aspect of anything that’s not clinical,” said Troy Sholar, senior director, Program Management Office, R1. “When we think about health care, we think about the care that’s provided by the clinicians. Everything outside of that care is where we’re really focused. What we do is try to make sure that our strategy and our approach not only in this patient experience center, but also the solutions that R1 foot forward into the market.”

Healthcare BPO R1 opens office in PH
Philippine IT-BPM sector revenues up by 10.6%

The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector in the Philippines surpassed its target growth in 2021 and as mobility restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are eased, R1 is optimistic of its entry in the Philippines and the choice of the country as its latest growth center.

Globally, R1 has about 28,000 employees. The Philippines office is looking at employing 1,000 more this year.

As a BPO, R1 executives said in a media roundtable, the training that comes with the company include “passion and compassion.” The new hires will have to understand that the patient may have called the hotline as a last resort meaning that they have exhausted all efforts to reach a healthcare provider. In this scenario, R1 will have to use the “compassion” card in dealing with callers.

The first of five waves of an extensive training program this year includes HR onboarding sessions, professional ethics, US (United States) cultural awareness session, and hands-on training on R1’s proprietary tools.

“Throughout the training, we imparted multiple knowledge points about healthcare in both written and conversational formats,” the company said. “We also made sure the training involved real interaction with live phone calls. Our intention is to let our trainees go through real-life experiences so they will have what it takes to get the job done to the best of their abilities.”

R1 has 15 million automated tasks annually and 30 million patient encounters per year.