Media Release

XTREME Appliances to open 20 concept stores nationwide

XTREME Appliances plans to open 20 concept stores adding to its existing five showrooms across the Philippines this year. The brand plans to increase its branches to around 60 by the first quarter of 2021.

The brand has introduced a new line of appliances that promote productivity and efficiency at home. In addition to the top-performing items, XTREME small appliances were launched.

To ensure business continuity, XTREME provided employees with proper gears and imposed safety measures so they can still server customers even during the lockdowns. The company provided shuttle services and accommodations for employees. It also offered all XTREME Appliances sales agents with motorcycles on flexible payment terms with no interest.

“This current situation is letting us be more productive at home and XTREME Appliances will continue to market products with innovation, functionality, and valuable worth,” the company said in a statement.

XTREME Appliances is available on different e-commerce platforms.