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YGG Pilipinas opens content creation course in Web3 Metaversity

Yield Guild Games (YGG), a Filipino-led Web3 gaming guild, added a new course on content creation and streaming which is a growing market in the Philippines.

Taught by the content creator and game streamer, Een Mercado, the “Being a Content Creator in Web3” course will be included in the Web3 Metaversity which will be moved to a new platform in the coming months.

“Content creation has become more relevant because people want to consume more media that helps them learn new things, engage with like-minded people, and grow together as members of the Web3 space,” said Mercado who is also the content lead of YGG.

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YGG said that as the Web3 space widens, it is crucial that newcomers have access to credible and reliable sources of information that they can use to leverage income-generating opportunities. 

“The stigma around content creation not being a proper profession is now out of the window,” Mercado added as living proof herself. 


Mercado’s topics include creating a personal brand, necessary streaming equipment, and recommended software for new creators among others. She will also tackle ways to properly determine earning opportunities and the right content to use for certain topics.

To address questions from Web3 Metaversity students, Mercado will be joining YGG scholarship and community managers and guest speakers such as Luis Buenaventura, country head of YGG Pilipinas in community huddles that also encourage open forums to discuss the latest industry updates.

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