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Yondu’s IT solutions enable businesses navigate digital economy

Yondu, an IT solutions company wholly owned by Globe, enables the digitalization of businesses with innovations and different partnerships. The company enables its clients to navigate into the new digital economy through more affordable services.

Yondu’s technology solutions offerings include Custom Software Development, Managed IT Services, Cloud Business Solutions, Messaging Gateways, Business Productivity and Ready-to-Use Platforms.

“We want to emphasize the importance of adapting to the situation and noted that Yondu aspires to build a partnership with clients who offer use-cases relevant to their business journey. In turn, Yondu provides them with expertise,” said Ryan Paguio, vice president for Enterprise Solutions, Yondu.

Yondu provided services to the BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) sector with its managed services, custom development, and software factory offerings to help them improve their IT resources.

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Yondu provides digital solutions to startups

For retail and manufacturing industries, Yondu provided e-commerce solutions including all features of a digital storefront and the integration of payment gateways and delivery channels.

“Competing in a digital-first business environment is the core challenge for manufacturers and retailers, and Yondu helps address this by providing tailor-fit solutions,” said Gail Campo, VP for Enterprise Solutions, Yondu.

The company also developed an e-commerce platform called Vessell to help business owners with limited budgets. It includes a mobile app packaged with a web app, omnichannel eCommerce integration and management, and a rewards and e-raffle capability for marketing.

These are just among the many innovations and solutions that Yondu is developing to help businesses better cater to their target audiences. Yondu promises consumers new apps from their BFSI providers while BFSI can expect more use cases to improve their IT-related journey.