ZALORA leverages generative AI to enhance e-commerce platform

ZALORA, an e-commerce platform, has integrated its Platform-as-a-Service with OpenAI. Called TITAN, this service aims to drive new efficiencies in operations, improve online fashion customer experiences, and unlock growth opportunities.

TITAN was developed to enhance ZALORA’s automation processes, especially in its Search and Discovery feature so it can provide customers with the best possible results. The integration with OpenAI is aimed at recognizing the nuances of online shopping including spelling variations and errors. 

According to the company, which is part of the Global Fashion Group (GFG), this enhancement reduces customers’ experience of zero search results and improves the experience when they do find results. ZALORA observed a 4-6% increase in Conversion Rates since its launch.

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“With a history of innovations under our belt we are excited to embrace the future with Generative AI and leverage it to deliver the best ‘tailored for fashion’ e-commerce experience for our customers both during and post-purchase,” said Gunjan Soni, ZALORA CEO and Global Fashion Group COO. “With TITAN we will once again be the first in the region to offer these innovations to our growing loyal base.” 

Conversational shopping

Online shoppers can also expect to encounter ZALORA’s innovation with a Conversational Shopping Assistant, set to be launched later this year. The bot will be able to assist customers with their shopping concerns.

TITAN will also be available in different regions across the globe where ZALORA is present.ZALORA is also leveraging OpenAI technology in its internal business processes and operations, including the automation of production services with tagging of product attributes (color, pattern, or sleeve length). It is also designed to automatically generate SKUs with comprehensive product descriptions. The e-commerce platform hopes to improve search accuracy, reduce hundreds of hours of manual entry, dependency on third parties, and result in an improved customer experience.

The company is also working on integrating advanced OpenAI into its in-house Warehouse Management System (WMS) for planning, forecasting, and picking algorithms. 

Future of retail

In using generative AI, ZALORA can develop and improve smarter customer service, where the platform will be able to answer customer questions and resolve issues automatically, as it understands customer needs and provides personalized responses. This will free up human customer service agents to focus on more complex tasks, and it will also improve the customer experience.

“The future of retail will be driven by technology innovation and the extent to which we prioritize ensuring a safe and seamless experience for customers,” said Sumit Jain, CTO, ZALORA.

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