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Canva reaches 100 million monthly active users

Design platform Canva reached 100 million users in 190 countries following the expansion of its features and services. After introducing the Canva Visual Worksuite, the platform recorded an additional 15 million monthly active users.

The platform enhanced its services to be more collaborative than before and added features for corporate and educational accounts.

“We’re incredibly proud to mark this milestone moment on our mission to empower the whole world to design,” said Melanie Perkins., co-founder and CEO, Canva, in a media advisory. “Visual communication is now more important than ever. Our continued growth demonstrates the huge demand for a collaborative, simple and all-in-one platform that empowers all kinds of teams, in all kinds of workplaces, to unlock their creativity and achieve their goals without complexity.”

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The web-based platform revolutionized visual design by making it simple and accessible to just about anyone. The ease of use, collaborative nature and breadth of Canva’s product suite has seen increased adoption across the globe, with workplace usage soaring across a wide variety of professions and industries. This demand is evidenced by the more than 10,000 current jobs on LinkedIn listing Canva as a desired skill by companies including American Express, Amazon, TikTok, LEGO and Google.

Communication is increasingly visual and the world of work has never been more global, making simple design skills and seamless collaboration more critical than ever before. As the demand for visual communication in the workplace rises, Canva continues to be dedicated to building a full suite of visual communication products that power the modern workforce for the future of work, across every industry.

Perkins is featured in Fortune Magazine’s 25 Most Powerful Women. She said her idea was rejected by 100 venture capitalist. Today, Canva is valued at $40 billion and a significant portion of its earnings are donated to charities around the worl.