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CARMA Asia shares insights on how media intelligence benefits brands in consumer communications

According to CARMA Asia, a provider of media intelligence solutions in the Asia Pacific (APAC), more and more companies are now utilizing different forms of solutions that enable them to assess the results of their online PR, communications, and marketing initiatives.

As a result of the rapid rise in online activity, increase in online portals, and other channels, it became difficult to monitor every material sent out to different media channels and platforms. Quoting an infographic by DOMO, CARMA Asia said the internet has reached almost 60% of the world’s population.

Then there is the rising trend of micro-influencers and niche blogs or websites which are potential avenues to reach a wider audience globally.

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CARMA Asia said it is imperative for brands to be on top of what is trending and what events are dominating the conversations online.

Andrew Nicholls, co-founder and managing director, CARMA ASIA, shared his thoughts to Back End News on the importance of media and data intelligence in monitoring a brand’s performance online.

  • Data intelligence is crucial in media monitoring. Can you tell us more about that?

Media Intelligence is a process of gathering data across platforms and languages and distilling insight from it. The media is an incredibly rich source of information, but to get to it you have to negotiate a vast and extremely fragmented landscape.

We cast a wide net at CARMA across countries and languages and with sources ranging from traditional print and broadcast media through to modern digital and social platforms. We use a combination of cutting-edge technology and human expertise to select the relevant and accurate data for our clients and deliver the insights that matter to them.

  • How important is media intelligence for businesses today? Does COVID-19 affect the way businesses work in their media monitoring?

COVID-19 has accelerated digitization and more organizations have adopted data-driven decision-making as a result. Sixty percent (60%) of the worlds’ population is now online and thanks to the pervasiveness of the internet, the propulsive power of social media and messaging applications, a story published on an obscure blog, whether factual or not, can achieve global reach.

There are a growing number of channels to engage with customers, employees, and shareholders, but equally many places your brand can be at risk. At the same time, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of how companies impact people and the environment. These dynamics mean keeping track of reputation and understanding the conversation around a business has become an essential requirement.

Besides keeping track of reputation, organizations are using media intelligence to stay on top of industry developments, monitor competitor activity, and plan and execute strategies.

  • Data intelligence lets businesses adapt quickly to industry trends, but how does this platform help smaller enterprises to walk side-by-side with trends?

The digital revolution has given start-ups and SMEs the ability to connect with the global marketplace. While the majority of our clients are multinational corporations (MNC) and government departments, we also provide software solutions to smaller organizations. Many of the same principles apply as far as tracking their brand and monitoring key topics to find better ways to cut through the noise and connect to customers.

  • How could businesses utilize data intelligence in reporting in the future?

As more aspects of life are connected to the internet the potential for new data sets is created. Whether it’s our homes, our cars, or even our bodies. There is also a lot of evidence to suggest that so much digital interaction is limiting meaningful human connections and threatening mental health.

As we come out of the pandemic more companies seem to be prioritizing ESG and employee wellbeing. I believe we will see a growing demand for transparency and reporting in these areas.

  • How could CARMA Asia support the businesses during the pandemic as most of the audience moved online?

CARMA has been monitoring and analyzing reputation and providing strategic consultancy to governments, MNCs, and NGOs for more than 30 years. When it comes to delivering insight that supports crucial decisions, there is no substitute for experience and expertise.  

There are many SaaS products out there that gather data and count basic quantitative metrics like brand mentions. What we offer is a much richer, full-service solution that combines cutting-edge technology, media monitoring, social listening, market research, and expert human analysis. Our objective is always to get to the actionable insights that CEOs and policymakers care about.

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